Mr. Tan In Fong

President cum CEO

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Seri Stamford College, Kuala Lumpur welcomes YOU.

I am very glad that you have taken the initiative to visit our website. And I would like to ensure you that Seri Stamford College is NOT a new kid in the town of the private education in Malaysia.

Seri Stamford College, previously known as Stamford College, has been in existence since 1950. It is the oldest private college in Malaysia, and it has nurtured more than 250,000 students in Malaysia for the last 70 years. And we are still marching on.

In July 2020, a new management team is entrusted to shape the bright colourful future of Seri Stamford College KL. As the new captain of this ship, I can promise you that we will continue to practice our caring and loving culture towards all students. We Care about the welfare of our students, and we Love to grow, nurture and accompany you to march onto the challenging future.

Over the years, we might have neglected on developing and modernising certain hardware facilities, but deep in our hearts, we have never forgotten our mission in providing the most affordable and quality education in addition to nurturing our students to strive for excellency in their careers and fields of expertises.

I am certainly fortunate to be empowered to lead a good team of capable staff who have the super positive attitude and burning desire to guide our students to study the right course for the right career path, to practice the right ethical values, and the most important, to learn how to live happily after graduating from Seri Stamford College.

We are confident that our Stamford education can make and will make a difference in your life.

Please stop by our college in Kepong KL, to learn more about our courses, and to see in your own eyes, how much have we changed in our hardware facilities, and how can we fulfil your dreams to be a college student.

To all our thousands and thousands of Stamfordians and alumni, we know you might have retired or you might still be working hard in your career, or you are now relaxing after working a long day, or you are still looking for the best investment opportunity, no matter what you do, no matter where you are, from the North to the South Pole, do contact us in Kepong, we want you to write to us, share your lifetime experience with our junior Stamfordians, maybe just tell us how you are doing right now.

To all parents, we share your concerns on the ballooning costs in education and the cloudy job market, as such, scholarships, financial aids, career skills' trainings, and job placements will be arranged for needy students.

We Care And Love All Stamfordians. A lifetime commitment.

Yours sincerely

Since its establishment in 1950, Seri Stamford College has built on a heritage of educating and training people who desire and seek knowledge and success in their lives.

This aim has and will continue to guide Stamford's mission to provide quality education to Malaysians and the international community.

Over 250,000 students have graduated from its campuses and are currently employed not only in Malaysia but also in many parts of the world.